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Welcome to Park City Pet Care!


I am Christie Bonham, the owner and operator of PCPC.  As an avid animal lover and enthusiast, I feel I have one of the best jobs possible. I grew up on our family farm which gave me the opportunity to care for and bond with animals of all types. It was an invaluable experience that shaped me to be the person I am today. Being a professional pet sitter also allows me to build relationships with other pet loving people. I feel it is a privilege to come into your home and care for your pets.


As the owner and operator of my business I am able to provide a consistent level of care and professionalism. Your pet’s happiness and wellbeing are my top priority. I pride myself in being hands on throughout the entire process from your first consultation to the services provided, as well as updating you with messages and photos of your happy pets. I feel that being in close communication with my clients allows me to offer a truly specialized service catering to all your fur families

personal needs.


Happy, healthy and stress free pets, since 2003.

Christie Bonham

Christie Bonham / Park City Pet Care
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